1. LISTEN TO YOU - Consultants are the building blocks of our company. And we pay our utmost attention to what they say and patiently listen to all of their concerns.
  2. ANALYZE SITUATION - We take all the factors into consideration - Education, Previous work experience, Technical skills, Relocation preferences, etc and analyze your situation.
  3. PROVIDE HONEST FEEDBACK - We provide honest feedback based on your needs and the market demand and advise if a training is required to further enhance your skills or if we can directly place you in jobs with our clients.
  4. ARRANGE TRAINING IF NECESSARY :  Training is provided to consultants on-need basis or on request of consultant with the help of an expert real-time experienced trainer from our pool of resources.
  5. PREPARE A WINNING RESUME :  A winning resume is what you will need to be in front of hiring managers and attend interviews to land in the job of your choice. And our expert team will help you with that.
  6. MARKETING AND PLACEMENT : With a vast network of clients across the US, we market your resume and place you in a job that mutually benefits you as well as our clients and try to make everyone happy.



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